Родословная Kudeyar




 NW S*Coppermines Zeus,JW n 22 GIC Incognito of Koi Pond n 22 WCh Willowplace Number One n 22 DBL*ID&SGC Guitars Rocking Cyrus n 23
Willowplace Love Potion n 22
CH Tiger Girl of Koi Poind n 22 EC Jerry of Koi Pond n 09 22
IC Emmely of Koi Pond n 22
S*Ma Coo`s Zig Zag n 03 22 CH*S General Coon`s Paranoid n GIC S*Loddeskogen`s Apache d 22
CH Rowanridge Baby n
DK* Catoma`s More Than A Feeling n 02 21 DK*Olmocabe`s Tapioco a 09 22
DK*Catoma`s Miss India n 03 22
NW IC RU*Unicum Klipsa,JW f 25 NW,SC AT* Candycoon`s HillBilly,JW,DVM a 25  GIC AT*Candycoon`s Big Lebowski,JW n 25 Mainelyclassic Tate of Quinsigamond n 22
Wistariantale Lucy in the Sky  n 09 22
CH (N) Spellbound`s Curly Sue a 24 (N) Spellbound`s Quanta Costa a
(N) Mistic Wood`s Deep Purple g 24
Unicum Taina Onix d 22 NW Pillowtalk`s Quivero,JW d 22 Cool Motion`s Angel-Sky n
Pillowtalk`s United Colour f 22
Russicats GoldenClaw Cassandra f EC Bon Jovi Top Coon*PL n 22
GIC Exotic Dream Silvi-Cola*PL f